Video Instructions:

Place the ball near the center of the hitting area

Play a Round of Golf

  • From the main menu, click “Local Match”
    • Click “Change Course” -> “More Filters” -> “Favourites” and browse the list of Swang Golf’s top courses!
    • Alternatively, you may use the search function or browse the other course categories
  • Click “Create Match”
    • You may add other players (up to 4) at this screen (Click “Add Player” -> “Add Guest” -> “Confirm”) • Click “Begin Round”


Adjust Putting Settings

  • During a round press ESC -> Settings -> Gameplay -> Gimme Rule
    • You may change gimme distance, automatic 2 putt on the green, distance threshold for auto 1 or 2 putt, or no gimmes


Use Driving Range

  • From the main menu, at the top click “Training” -> then below click “Driving Range”


Distance Penalties

  • Heavy Rough – 14% distance penalty
  • Light Rough – 7% distance penalty
  • Bunker 40 yards or further from pin – 14% distance penalty
  • Bunker within 40 yards of the pin – 40% distance penalty


In-Game Hot Keys and Game Info

  • Press “Q” to scout the hole and see what lies ahead and use WASD keys to maneuver aim.
  • Press “L” to see your lie, green indicates flat ground and red indicates heavy slope.
  • Press “V” to change the camera position.
  • Hover the cursor over the hole map to see distance to hazardscarries, etc.


While Playing

  • Hitting the Ball: Ensure the hitting area is clear and the ball has been picked up by the sensor (you will hear a binging noise).
  • Club Selection: You do not have to select which club you are using during play unless you are using a putter off the green.
  • Drops/Penalties/Re-tees: Please press “Enter” to drop the ball. Press “Z” to see your options of where you can drop (PGA Rules – W or S to move forward or backward, if applicable). If on the tee box, your third shot will take place after all other players have taken their initial tee shot.
  • Mulligans: Happens to the best of us, press “Esc” and select “Rewind shot”. Pay attention to turn order as mulligans can only be taken on your own turn.
  • Declare Unplayable: Some courses do not have designated penalty zones. If you find yourself deep in the woods or on the wrong side of a cliff, press “Esc” and select “Declare Unplayable”